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Creative Coaching Methods

Helping people achieve their vision for growth and greater happiness


​​​​Mary Lou Meddaugh, Life coach, author, PROFESSIONAL organizer

1.  Quick Start – Getting back on track - 3 to 4 one-hour sessions over 4-6 weeks
This package is designed for specific changes you want to make such as a career pivot; transitioning to retirement; next steps in your current position or to embrace and manage a personal change. Through these focused coaching sessions, clients can expect to:

  • Gain clarity around their vision and goals
  • Create actions plans and timetables to achieve results
  • Brainstorm ways to stay focused on short and long term goals

2.  Empower Yourself -  Creating New Goals - 3 one hour sessions a month over 3 months
Designed for those who want to make impactful changes to create a balanced life incorporating work/life initiatives; new ventures; career re-boot or re-inventing themselves.  Clients can expect to:

  • Gain clarity around their vision and purpose
  • Keep focused on goals by using a specific agenda for each session
  • Create actions plans and timetables for immediate results
  • Brainstorm ways to stay focused on both short and long term goals
  • Create next steps after each session to help keep you on track

3.  Creating Sustainable Results – Putting plans into action - 3 one-hour sessions a month over  6 months 
Designed for long term initiatives that require time and focused energy to bring into fruition.  Working together over a longer time frame creates synergy for developing practices that are sustainable in your day to day living to effect meaningful change and take dynamic actions toward your goals.  Clients can expect to:

  • Explore and clarify the changes you want to make
  • Create a realistic timeline for achieving them
  • Be accountable by outlining next steps after each session
  • Strategize longer term goals and action steps
  • Develop customized tools to stay motivated and on track with your goals


Consultation & Evaluation

Assess current system for managing paperwork; discuss what your desired outcome would be and recommend a customized solution that works best for your style.
Create a Sustainable/Manageable Solution
Review and organize paperwork and create a filing system that is manageable and sustainable for quick retrieval of important information.
On-going maintenance for ease of information management

Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual assessment of customized systems and recommendations for enhancements, modifications, improvements

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