Announcing my book "Navigating 5 Life Changes,"

An Odyssey of Resiliency and Hope

has been published! 

My book, Navigating 5 Life Changes, was written in the hopes of inspiring others in the midst of major life changes to believe in themselves and listen to their inner voice guiding them in the right direction.

Change is a constant in life and how we navigate those changes is different for each of us.  As a Life and Business Coach, I work with people who are dealing with major life changes and draw on my own experiences to help others through their journey of self discovery.  

Are you ready to embrace change?  Have you been thinking about pursuing that dream you have put on hold?  Whether it is a career shift, a new business start-up or self-care through a better work/life balance, see how collaborating with a coach can help you clarify your vision, set achievable goals and create action plans to achieve them. 

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