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It may sound simple but change begins with the first step. If you go through the process of identifying what is important to you and are totally honest with yourself, you will begin to move in the direction you want to go at this time in your life.  Coaching can help you clarify your goals  and create action steps for moving forward.  When you're ready to make some changes,  ​

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​​​​Mary Lou Meddaugh, Life & BUSINESS coach, author

Fall is in the air!  Post-Pandemic - school is starting - many people are back in their offices for at least part of the week - people are thinking about their 2023 goals and changes they want to make.  Perhaps September brings with it a fresh start after a summer where most of us wanted to be outdoors and enjoying all the activities that had been put on hold the last two years.

As a Life and Business Coach, I too have been experiencing a lot of changes.  Having published my book, "Navigating 5 Life Changes, An Odyssey of Resiliency and Hope" right before the Pandemic, I have been having conversations on how to navigate change as a result of the Pandemic.  I am launching a new service -  Professional Organizer - to help people attain more clarity and organization in their life - get rid of clutter and streamline.  I am also working with solopreneurs to help them expand their business and work/life balance.

No matter where we are on our Life's Journey, change is a constant in life.  How we navigate those changes is different for each of us.  If you are ready to make some of the changes you are drawn to, working with a professional coach can help you get started, prioritize your next steps and create the vision for what you want to accomplish next!